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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DVD Review: Hall Pass

On our recent vacation to Florida we watched Hall Pass. This is the movie with Jason Sudeikis and Owen Wilson, where they are both obsessed with sex and through certain circumstances their wives give them both  a week off from marriage, a hall pass. The wives in the movie are played by Christina Applegate and Pam from "The Office" (Jenna Fischer). I must say they do a good job making all of them look very ordinary suburban couples, but Jenna gets hot once she is off on her own during her husband's week alone. The best part about the movie is how the guys think they will have no problem hooking up with any girl they want, which they find out quickly is not the case. They figure they have a whole week for all the sex they can handle so they do not even try to go out or anything for the first few days, instead building up energy for the crazy end of the week they expect. One scene that is unexpected is the girl Jason's character brings back to the hotel from the club who just quit smoking, play close attention, it is good stuff.

This movie has a lot of quotes that have already been used in our circle with many more to follow. Jason Sudeikis' character is absolutely hilarious in this movie and has tons of one liners that make the movie even better. "Fake Chow" is now in the vocabulary. An added bonus is the repeated jokes about Kathy Griffin.

The soundtrack is pretty good for this movie as well, a lot of good songs throughout. Also, the movie was filmed in Atlanta so that was an added bonus! Overall this is good movie and I would recommend NetFlix, downloading, buying or renting the DVD. I would give Hall Pass 4 out of 5 beers for sure!!

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