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Sunday, July 31, 2011

MLB Trade Deadline - Atlanta Braves

In baseball and golf there is a lot of old school thinking and unwritten rules. During this season the Atlanta Braves have approached the trade deadline with this same old school thinking and I believe they have to change quickly to compete with the better teams in the National League, Phillies and Giants to name a few. The trade deadline is today so go "all-in."

The Braves, according to reports, have been unwilling to deal some of their known pitching prospects to get a bat in the lineup. The one pitcher whose name keeps coming up is Mike Minor. While I agree Mike can help this team in the future, the Braves are extremely deep with starting pitching at the major and minor league levels. If Mike Minor has to be a casualty to get a bat to make a run this season, this deal should have already been done.
The other part is that the Braves seem scared at times to pull the trigger on a big deal ever since the Mark Teixeira deal a few years back. Well that was a few years ago and you are a better team now.

The Braves must absolutely do something, and I do not mean Josh Willingham or Michael Cuddyer anymore. The Braves must get a hitter or someone who brings a new dynamic to the team, so Carlos Quentin, Michael Bourne, Hunter Pence come on down. The Giants have already made their big move getting Carlos Beltran and the Phillies will most likely end up with Hunter Pence before the deadline. The offense needs a boost and with Uggla finally do what he does, one more bat could mean a championship. So Frank Wren, Liberty Media, etc. make a move.

I hope by the time you read this the Braves have already made their big move and he is in the lineup.

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