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Friday, July 29, 2011

College Football Countdown

There are officially 36 days left until the kickoff of college football, if there is one thing that came out of the lockout and basketball playoffs was me not thinking about how miserable the summer usually is waiting for cfb to return. Well it is here and I cannot wait.

There is not a lot of talk about the Georgia Bulldogs right now and I am not sure if that should concern me or if that is right where you want them, no one talking about them. I know that they have set themselves up to know the type of season they will have after week two, opening up with two Top 10 teams. They open up against Boise State in the Georgia Dome, which is one of those games where Georgia is playing a home game and they are damned if they win and damned for sure if they lose. One thing that came out this week is that Georgia will wear Nike Pro Combat uniforms and helmets for this game. They will be unveiled at picture day in a few weeks. After Boise, they get their first SEC game and it is a doozie. They welcome South Carolina between the hedges. After week two Dawg fans will know how their season will turn out. My challenge to UGA fans this year is to stay on the bandwagon, do not start killing the coaches or team after the first series of the game against Boise. They deserve our support and will respond to it!!

There are as always some concerns going into the 2011 season. If you remember last season the main concern was how well Aaron Murray would do being his freshman season, well I think everyone can agree that he was one of the few bright spots in a 6-7 season. Aaron returns as one of the best QBs in the SEC. The concern this season will be at the running back (tailback) position as two players are no longer on the team (Ealey and King). Richard Samuel has returned to this position from linebacker and UGA will welcome touted recruit Crowell as well. If Crowell can be half of what Lattimore was for South Carolina last season I think the rb position will be solid. The other issue could be the offensive line, for years all you hear about is how this is the strongest part of the team. Again, everyone can agree that they have been a disappointment and will have to step up again this year with a lean offensive line to start the season. There have been career-ending injuries and players leaving the program. The offense has a lot of weapons and with the incoming wide receiver recruits they can be deadly. On defense the one area of concern is the safety positions. Ogletree has been moved to linebacker, a position which I believe he will become an All-SEC performer. Rambo is back and must play better this season to solidify his role on this team.

Overall I look forward to a much better season this last year and believe Georgia will win the SEC East and play LSU in the Georgia Dome in December. I believe 10-11 wins will be what it will take to get them there.

Looking forward to September 3rd in the Dome and hope to see all the UGA fans show up in mass to support this team!!

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