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Thursday, August 4, 2011

NFL Lockout.....Over

30 Days......

I waited as long as possible to comment on the lockout, but I am glad it is over. The hardest part of the lockout was the over the top coverage daily on sports talk radio and ESPN. It is not easy for us to comprehend arguing over billions of dollars. I understand you need to feed your families, but don't say that in the media and let us hear that. It is not my fault you over-extended yourself because you are a dumb-ass and did not budget your money right. You made at least $400K last year.

On a positive note, I am glad the NFL will be back so that Sundays and Mondays complete the football weekends. I did not know what my friend Branden and Chris were going to do if there was no NFL this year, we were going to have to get them up on the college football bandwagon.

The best part since the lockout has ended is all of the roster moves, you will need a freaking media guide to know who plays for who come week one.

My prediction for the Super Bowl in February 2012.

New England vs Dallas!!

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