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Friday, August 5, 2011

Follow the Rules......or

29 days...

So I hear the saying that you get 3 steps in the NBA or they never call this or that or enforce a certain rule.

For those that played sports as a kid or even at a higher level, high school or college, why is it that when you start getting paid to play a kids' game that the rules are less stringent. If your job is paying you $400K at a minimum, should be easy to know the rules and be expected to play by them.

Perfect example is travelling in the NBA, you easily get 3 steps if not more. The best part is when the players are shocked when they call travelling. I can fix this issue, stop allowing the jump stop and it will go a long way towards getting back to the rules.

Another example that you do not notice a lot, but when I was in little league when you ran through first base you had to run straight right down the foul line. If you ran out of the line a little bit and got tagged by the first baseman or another player you were called out. I cannot tell you the last time I noticed a major league player run straight through, sometimes they run all the way over to the stands or near the dugout. I always scream for the first baseman to go tag him out. I know this one is a little silly, but it is a freaking rule, enforce it damn it.

What rules do you notice when watching or playing sports now that you know there is a rule for, but gets ignored??

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