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Friday, October 29, 2010

Who's Too Old???

There seems to always be a debate over whether adults should celebrate Halloween and at what age should it stop. I believe you should do what the hell you want to do. Some of the best times I have had at Halloween have been as an adult; I guess the addition of alcohol could have helped that some. I know for my wife it is her favorite holiday of the year. As I have been reminded by some of our female friends, “It is the one time a year I can dress really trashy and it is okay.” It is another holiday that gives everyone a good excuse to have a party and be someone else for a night.

The only no-go would be going door-to-door for Halloween candy, that is definitely the part of the holiday that is left up to the young-uns.

On another note, here is Coed Magazine’s list of the 15 Most Offensive Costumes, might want to avoid these.

Day of the Dead

In Mexico they celebrate the Day of the Dead, which after reading about it makes me wish we celebrated this in this country as well. It is a three day celebration when families and friends get together to celebrate the lives of those close to them who has passed. It is defined as a day of celebration where partying and eating is common place. Traditions connected with this holiday include building private altars honoring the deceased, serving the deceased favorite foods and beverages and visiting the graves. They visit the grave to be with the souls and encourage visits by the souls. Check out the Wikipedia page below.

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