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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


With the NBA season tipping off last night, what better time to talk about the worst part of the NBA, players flopping It really got me thinking when Rajon Rando from the Celtics has dribbling the ball and ran into the defensive player and acted like someone had tased him the way he fell down. I have no clue how refs do not address this and continue to call fouls. If they would stop calling fouls or blowing the whistle then it would stop. It is pretty sad that grown men making millions of dollars look like girls. It is borderline unsportsmanlike!! Below are a few videos. I really like the first one with Pau Gasol from the Lakers, even the announcer says that the only way he can guard Dwight Howard is to flop, because Gasol is not strong enough. The other part is the announcers who see the replays just like we do, and they make comments about how good it is. Below I have also put a blog post I found from 2008 where this writer is suggesting that flopping is cheating, pretty good read.

I won’t even get into the flopping in soccer games, as probably 1 in 1,000,000 people in the US watch soccer.

Flopping - The Art of Cheating

Here is my list of top floppers in the league:

1.      Derek Fisher (Lakers)
2.      Pau Gasol (Lakers)
3.      Manu Ginobili (Spurs)
4.      Paul Pierce (Celtics)
5.      Robert Horry (retired)

We will see who gets the MVF (Most Valuable Flopper) at the end of this season, maybe a newcomer to the list! The bottom line is this needs to go away to bring some credibility back to the NBA, easy!!!!!

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  1. No Vlade Divac!?! And I think Manu has got Gasol beat too.