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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not the Best Start

Not too much to say about Georgia in their first two games of the season.

In game 1 against Boise State they played well enough to be in the game until after halftime, at which time Boise made adjustments and Georgia seemed to stand pat. Boise came in as a top 5 team and proved again that is what they are.

In game 2 against South Carolina, Georgia decided to do everything they could to hurt your defense. Two turnovers by the offense for touchdowns and another one that South Carolina returned inside the 10 yard line. Not too mention a fake punt returned for 3/4 of the field by a defensive lineman. The defense played good enough to win the game, too bad the other two areas did not.

There have been some bright spots for sure. Crowell looks like the real deal at running back and must become a bigger part of the offense. Jarvis Jones looks like a 5 star recruit and with Alec Ogletree out he has stepped up and made plays.

So with that being said, the Richt seat is beyond hot and no matter what you say there is a the lunatic fringe out there that does not care and wants him gone right now. The bigger issue maybe that Tennessee looks much improved over last year and Auburn has pulled out two games to start off their campaign.

Georgia must finish at 9-3 worse-case for there to be any hope of a okay season, obviously 10-2 would be better, but winning 10 in a row with what we have seen might not be possible.

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