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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So a few weeks back our long awaited guys' trip to Boston finally happened. Needless to say it was not your normal weekend.

Everyone got into the city Thursday night and we got started by drinking a few on the rooftop bar at the Rattlesnake around the corner from our hotel. Once we got ready we took the T down to Government Center and once we got off the train Jason stopped me and said he recognized one of the guys from the TBS show "My Boys." So we walked back up and introduced ourselves to Mike Bunin (who played Kenny on the show) and asked if we could take a picture with him. Two seconds later another guy from the show, Jamie Kaler, (who played Mike on the show) walked up and said they had to take care of something right quick and then they would. Long story short someone had stolen their friends' iPhone and they called it and told the guy who answered to meet them at Gov't Center and they would buy it back. Once the guy walked up Jamie told him to give it to him or he would kick his ass and the take it. Then the cops walked up so we started to head off to the bar. Mike ran us down and told us he appreciated that we like the show and took a quick picture.

After all of that exceitement we ended up at a place called Howl at the Moon where a dueling pianos band was playing. When we walked in the band was about to start playing Florida's fight song so Kirn donated $20 to the pot and they played "Glory Glory to Georgia" instead. In turn McSwain threw in $40 for them to write gators eat dawgs or something dumb like that. The bar was fun and afterward we headed back to our hotels. Branden and I went on a late night search for food and decided to take directions from Jason and Kirn which led to us going the wrong way looking for 7 Eleven and ending up at CVS.

On Friday we had a late lunch and in the mid afternoon started making our way to Fenway. Before the game we hung around the park on Yawkey Way and Cask 'n' Flagon. Makes me wish that they would have built Turner Field in downtown ATL like it was planned, nothing like the pre and post-game atmosphere around Fenway.

Other than the fact that the Red Sox got killed, the game was a blast and it is always great to go to those old ballparks and see baseball the way it is supposed to be. Also, bit of advice, after the game you are required to get an italian sausage (street meat) from the vendors outside.

Saturday was a cluster, Hurricane Irene was making its way up the East Coast so we started trying to figure out how we were going to get home. All of us had flights Sunday morning returning home. Mike and Jason were on AirTran and we able to switch their flights to that afternoon. Unfortunately for Nick, Brando and I Delta could not get us on a flight until Monday afternoon.

So Nick, Brando and I made the best of our extra day and a half and went out on Saturday to a few bars. Recommend hitting up "McGreevy's." The original was the first Boston sports bar and is was reopened a few years back after being bought by Ken Casey from Dropkick Murphys. Sunday the weather rolled in and needless to say the city shutdown, the wind blew 40-50 mph and it rained until a little after noon. That last night we had a nice dinner at Rock Bottom.

Looking forward to our next trip, talked about hitting up everyone's hometowns. So here we come Pittsburgh, Dallas, Oklahoma, Marietta and Douglasville.

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