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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sunday Alcohol Sales....story continues

So the bill in Georgia looks like it will soon be passed and it now will go to cities and counties. I continue to believe that this is not a government issue other than the tax part which we know they will always get their hands on the money. The real shame here is that the wrong people will be out at polling locations to support or tear down this proposal. The Christian Coalition has stated they will be in local areas, but conceded that faith will allow them to understand it will be voted for in metro Atlanta, so they will not spend their time and energy in those areas.

Under state election law, questions can only be put to voters on certain dates. The next chance to do so is November 8th. Which is perfect, because no action could have taken place before November regardless.

Like I said before no one else should make the decision on what day an individual can buy alcohol, it is a privledge once you reach a certain age and that is it, after that buy at your leisure.

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